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Make winning proposals in no time. It’s possible with Winning Proposal.

Winning Proposal provides an answer to communication question that many companies are faced with. Campaigns are well received, but the conversion rate for proposals issued falls short.

The cause is often that proposals only focus on price, while the added value the company offers is barely visible.

Offerte software Aliens Marketing IT

Online proposal tool.

Winning Proposal is an online proposal tool that allows you to respond precisely to the wishes of the customer and how to achieve that. You communicate what your added value is in a clear and attractive way.

Sounds time consuming, but thanks to the well thought-out content design, it’s not. On the contrary: sellers can spend their time more effectively.

Winning Proposal offertetool Aliens Marketing IT

Winning Proposal offertetool Aliens Marketing IT

Determine proposal structure.

How it works? Together with you we think about a successful proposal structure for your company. Then we visualise all customer wishes and we create content that perfectly matches this.

We carry out the design, write the texts and select the images all in your corporate identity. We integrate all this into the software as standard modules.

Offertesoftware Winning Proposal


Offertesoftware Winning Proposal

Creating proposals.

All of the content is easy to select using the system. This way you only have to click to create a new proposal. You choose what is included in the proposal, the tool automatically sets this in your house style and adjusting something in the standard text is easy.

You create a distinctive, clear and convincing proposal very quickly. Simple, right?

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