Dennis Schoormans from Ambiance Sun Protection:

“With Winning Proposal we get the maximum return on our campaigns”

More uniformity in proposals issued, higher efficiency for franchisees and more insight into the follow-up on leads . Ambiance Zonwering, a franchise organisation with more than 40 branches, achieved this with Winning Proposal. Dennis Schoormans, franchise director at Ambiance, talks about his experience with the proposal tool.

Uniformity and insight

Dennis: “Two years ago we decided to use mass media to increase the brand awareness of Ambiance nationwide. The focus was on the internet strategy and increasing the number of visitors and conversions via our website”.

“We achieved many conversions in the first year, but creating and sending price indications took a lot of time for our franchisers. Moreover, there was no uniformity in proposals and we, as head office, had no insight into or overview of the proposals.”

Visual appeal at the heart of the Winning Proposal

In 2016, therefore, Ambiance decided to look for a tool that would make it easier and clearer to make bids.

Dennis: “One of the most important points for us was that we could extend our new positioning to the price indication. It’s not just about the price, but especially about the story that Ambiance wants to tell. With Winning Proposal, every quote has a high-quality look and feel”.

Better follow-up on conversions

“The biggest advantages for us as head office are that we can guarantee the quality of each price indication issued and that our franchisees work much faster. Follow-up on conversions on the website has improved.”

Insight into sales process

One of the other obstacles that Ambiance encountered was the lack of insight into the follow-up on leads. Winning Proposal solves this.

Dennis: “The dashboard in Winning Proposal offers us insight into the follow-up, response time and status of the qualified leads. Because the sales process is better mapped out, we get the maximum return on our campaigns”.

Higher efficiency with proposal tool

“Our franchisers are also enthusiastic about Winning Proposal. They like using the proposal tool. They spend much less time creating and sending proposals. This is largely automated. Proposals are ready within a few minutes.”

Maximum return from leads

“I think that every organisation can benefit from Winning Proposal. Especially when it comes to achieving maximum return from the leads that you receive. But also if you want to build your brand identity as an organisation, this proposal tool is perfect. We even saw the number of requests for proposals increase by more than 50%.”