Offerte software Aliens Marketing IT

Create the most beautiful customised proposal in four steps. Easy and fast.

Issue customised proposals that you can put together in an instant and that perfectly match the customer’s wishes. With Winning Proposal you make a distinctive offer in four simple steps.

Offerte software Aliens Marketing IT

This is how Winning Proposal works.


1. Create a new proposal and choose your client’s sector for text content and images that match this.


2. Add the pre-filled content: letter, wishes, added values and references. Make a product proposal and explain the investment.


Present the proposal to your customer via a secure link by email or in print.


4. View the statistics of reading behaviour and know exactly which customers are hot leads.

Good luck!

Easy to use.

Once your Winning Proposal has been compiled, built and tested, you can get started. Of course, users receive a workshop from us. Here we explain which functions the tool offers, how you can quickly create and send a proposal and which insights you gain from the data analysis.

The tool is set up intuitively. Our experience shows that everyone can master the system in less than half an hour.

Then it’s time to score sales.

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